Just wanted to let you know that the patches are AMAZING!!! My father was very impressed with your work. I will be recommending you to everyone who want patches made!!
Thank you from a VERY VERY VERY happy customer!!
Amayi Jones

Scott, I got the order and they look great! Thanks for a helping us make such wonderful looking shirts! We will proudly wear them at our competition next weekend. 
Carol Jets 

Hi Scott-- The gear bags (huge hit with the coaches) and the jackets came on Friday just as promised, Thank You! The stitching looks great! 

THANK you so much and I LOVE the artwork, nice job adding the pink around the pic's and the ribbons with thier names. It really looks great.

"Hello, As requested, I just want to verify that I have finally received my package, and I must say it was well worth the wait! Thanks for such a high quality product! I look forward to conducting business with you again in the future." 

THANK YOU SCOTT! Rachelle's mom is going to love it. You did an excellent job creating the design that the whole family will be wearing forever. With such short notice on the 25 shirts you definitely put more than enough effort into this order. I sure do appreciate it. 

I got the hats on Friday. They look great, thank you very much. Your awesome! 

You guys are amazing!!! We are really looking forward to those hats. The team sharing our building has seen your sew-out as well as the other hats you produced up here. They are very interested in your contact info. Once they see our hats here Tuesday they will most definitely be giving you a ring. Thanks again Scott! 
Aaron and the boys on DET 1 

Great ! Thank you , your the best... 

I love my shirt. Everyone loves my shirt. I wish they made them in long sleeve, but I guess long sleeve Hawaiin shirts would be an oxymoron. 

We received our box today!!! LOVE IT!!! Thank You!! Hi Blue Dog!! 

Scott - that looks absolutely awesome, for both. I am SUPER excited! 

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! You can totally go forward with the sewing. I am super excited to see them done. Everything looks awesome !!!!!!! Thank you sooo much 
Melanie T. 

Good Morning Scott, I hope you had a great trip! The hats were a big hit. thank you! 
Fernando C. 

Hey Scott. We got the stuff today! They look great. Thank you for going out of your way to ship with AML, really appreciate that 

Hello Scott, The shirts look great! I have had some people call me about who we used and you might get some calls. 
Thank you again for your help!

Thanks so much. You are awesome. 

Hi Scott, I wanted you to know that I appreciate your turnaround on our Jets softball order. Your work is top notch and will be a hit with the girls (as well as coaches). I will recommend that your company be used for future uniform orders. 

Scott, you're my hero! 

Scott, Just wanted to thank you again for the sweatshirts. My husband loved them, and his clients are already putting in their requests for apparel, so you’ll be hearing from us again! 

Scott--you're too good to me. Thanks so much for your help--above and beyond my expectations. 

Thanks for your help and quick responses in working on these shirts.

Thanks so much!! you had great service - I am sure you will hear from me again soon = maybe even for a larger order sometime. 

I finally had a chance to look at the screen printed shirts. Mighty fine stuff Mr. Guy. The colors are perfect. You and Justin put out a mighty fine product. Thanks again. 
Steve R. 

I received the shirt at the resort and everyone thought they looked great! 
Thanks again. You are definitely one of my preferred vendors! 

Hi Scott,
Hope this finds you well.  I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the work you did for us and your great customer service.  Our entire staff was very pleased with the shirts you made for our GALA 2010 event in Prague and even more impressed with your responsiveness to our many emails and your prompt service. We look forward to working with you again sometime
Amy Ephrem
GALA Membership Coordinator

You and Tom are the bee’s knees!   Thank you both, so much!
These things look AWESOME!!!!!!!!
I am sure I will be ordering more in the fall! I am totally knocked out!   WAY better than I could have hoped for.
If these don’t convince Wayne to build me a guitar, nothin’ will!!!!

Got the beanies today and they are perfect!  Thank you so much for all of the work you did.  I know it was last minute so thank you for being able to work with us.  You are the best!
Sarah W. 

We got 'em. And they look AWESOME! Thank you for the great work!
Jess M.

Hi Scott, 
I received the scarves today and they are amazing.  They couldn’t have turned out better.  Thank you so much for doing this in such a short amount of time.  We really appreciate it.  
Happy Holidays!

Hey Scott. Got the shirts this morning. Thanks so much for getting them out so fast. I appreciate all your help with the order.



Hey guys,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome work you have done for us the last few weeks.  The transfers were perfect, thanks for fitting those jobs in, and the screen-printing turned out better than we had expected.  You all do such amazing work and we appreciated the excellent customer service, too!  We will definitely be back.
Michael and Shannon Johnson

Hi Scott,
I received the bags and they look amazing! Thanks for all your hard work on this. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have them here and ready to go- early!!
The order looks SUPER!! I love the BAM down the sleeves:)
Thanks so much.
You guys rock!

Hi Scott
Wanted to let you know the girls were thrilled with their new shirts and will wear them with pride.

You are some sort of god!  Thank you so much!
 Sarah Wildsmith

Hi Scott, you’ve been amazing again. Thanks for everything!
Tri Hua

That is amazing.I about had a heart attack on that.
Shawn B Nelson

Hi Scott,
Attached is a group picture with everyone wearing the jackets you made.  
They turned out beautifully and everyone loved them. Thanks again for making these so quickly. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!